Do you love oatmeal? We also! And because freshly squeezed oat flakes have significantly more nutrients and taste better, we can prepare them ourselves in next to no time. For example for our muesli or porridge. With a flake crusher like the FlicFloc, it's extremely easy and quick: you put the whole grain in the funnel, turn the crank a few times and enjoy the freshly squeezed oat flakes that fall into the glass below. It couldn't be easier!

Incidentally, you can not only squeeze oats with the FlicFloc flake crusher, but of course pretty much any other grain as well. Whether wheat, rye, spelled, green spelled, etc. But that's not all, seeds and kernels can also be wonderfully processed into flakes (e.g. linseed, hemp seeds, sesame, poppy seeds and many others). Even pseudo-grains such as quinoa and amaranth can be used Process FlicFloc. In other words, you can simply prepare your muesli fresh in the morning!

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