Loan dispenser LES10 (monthly rent)

Table stand made of stainless steel
outlet slide unit
- made of material 1.4301
- with all slide restrictions
.. Ø1.5cm, Ø2.5cm, Ø3.5cm, Ø4.5cm
- with spout Ø 6 cm
Lid with handle Ø 10 cm
Borosilicate glass tube
- End faces heated without burrs

The rental fee (monthly rent) is a monthly fee, valid from the date of shipment.
After the minimum term of one month has expired without notice, the rental term is automatically extended by another month. If you no longer need the product, you can cancel the product by sending it back to us free of charge.
You are responsible for the cost of damaged parts.
The rental fee will be refunded when the product is purchased.

35,10 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Paket)
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