Flake crusher Flocino

Fresh flakes in next to no time. For cooking and baking, for muesli and for everything that needs decoration. The FLOCINO squeezes like the FLICFLOC, with beveled rollers made of nickel-free stainless steel and great lightness of cereal flakes for everyday use and therefore finds many fans in kindergartens. Simply place your favorite cereal bowl underneath and nothing stands in the way of a healthy start to the day. Do you like to experiment with new types of grain? Then the FLOCINO is right for you. With its adjusting screw, the density of the flakes can be easily adjusted and, depending on your wishes, crispy flakes for your overnight oats or thin flakes for the perfect Bircher muesli can be created. The table model is equipped with a funnel made of white plastic and a funnel lid made of solid beech. Thanks to the ingenious roller mechanism, a short crank radius of only 17 cm is sufficient. The FLOCINO can also be found in the smallest kitchen.

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